Church Conference Votes to Accept Gift of Real Property

Posted By Alison Schmied on Jun 26, 2019 |

Eighty-seven voting members of the LUMC congregation present at a Church Conference Sunday, June 23, 2019, voted 77 to 7 in favor of accepting a gift of 4.17 acres of real property and the building located at 56 Burdick Hill Rd, Lansing, and the accumulated financial reserves of the Lakeview Christian Life Church. There were 3 abstentions. 

This vote gives authorization to the LUMC Church Council to move forward with the legal transfer of the property. The LUMC board of Trustees are the only persons authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the congregation, and the transaction must comply with the requirements of the Discipline. We hope to complete the property transfer as soon as possible.
We are grateful to the Lakeview Christian Life Church for entrusting the facility they used for ministry for more than 40 years– their land and building, and their accumulated financial reserves–to Lansing United Methodist Church. We accept this gift as a tool to further Christian ministries in our Greater Lansing community.