Safe Sanctuaries Ministry Partner Resources

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Ministry Partner (volunteer) at Lansing United!

Each volunteer in ministries working with children, youth or vulnerable adults participates in a screening process established by the United Methodist Church, as outlined in Part II of the Lansing United Safe Sanctuary Policy.  Here are the steps that you will walk through with the help of your ministry supervisor

1.  Fill out a ministry partner interest sheet, which includes names of references who have known you for at least three years.  Completing this interest sheet is a one-time requirement and you may return the form to your ministry supervisor, which initiates the screening process.

2.  Review and sign a copy of the position description which covers the role you are volunteering for.  Your ministry supervisor can provide you with this position description at the time you turn in your interest sheet, or click here to choose the appropriate position description(s)

3.  Provide consent for an initial, or an updated, background check (updates required every two years).  Before such a background check is run, you will receive an email from your ministry supervisor or a member of the Safe Sanctuaries team with a link to Safe Hiring Solutions that you will use to initiate the check, which asks you to enter your personal information and electronic consent.

4.  Meet with your ministry supervisor, Pastor Alison, or a designated member of the Safe Sanctuaries Team.  This is a one-time requirement.  After you return your interest sheet, you will be contacted to meet with one of these persons at your convenience.

5.  Complete Safe Sanctuaries Training by attending a three-hour course led by Conference trainers.  We have local trainers who offer the training course on a regular basis.  Ask your ministry supervisor or the Lansing United Safe Sanctuaries Team to arrange for training.  This is a one-time requirement.  Click to learn more about the Safe Sanctuaries training course.

Once the screening process is complete, your ministry supervisor will help you get started as a ministry partner.  Part of your responsibilities as a volunteer working with children, youth or vulnerable adults will be to participate and annual review of the Safe Sanctuaries policies specifically applicable to your ministry.  Each year, this review will be conducted by the ministry supervisor.  A Safe Sanctuaries Summary for Ministry Partners brochure is available for review below.