Safe Sanctuaries Background Checks

A criminal background check must be completed every two (2) years for all clergy, paid employees and ministry partners who have regular and direct contact (in person or virtually) with children, youth or vulnerable adults. The background check must be completed before initiation of duties. Costs can range from $33 to more than $100 depending on county fees. The cost is invoiced and covered by LUMC on a monthly basis, but any donations to offset this cost are appreciated. Click here to go to the LUMC Giving site. 

LUMC has contracted with SafeHiring Solutions to complete criminal background checks.  Each check includes:

·         Social Security Number Verification

·         Alias & Former Names

·         National Sex Offender Database

·         National Criminal Database

·         Global Watchlists

·         ArrestAlert Pre-Search

·         County Criminal Search

·         Driver’s License Check (only if transporting non-family members)

Additionally, a review of the state ( and local county ( central sex offender registries shall be completed and documented for all applicants.

The SafeHiring Solutions system works best from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a computer. Using a smartphone or tablet is not recommended due to the varying security features. 

What Happens With Background Check Information?

In the event that the criminal background or abuse registry check reveals a conviction or other cause for concern, the Pastor will consult with the applicant. At this time, the Pastor is reviewing information for employees and a designated member of the Safe Sanctuary team is reviewing information for volunteers. A result of “passed,” “needs review” with the Pastor or “rejected”  is recorded in a protected Safe Sanctuary database. Individual report data is only accessible to the Pastor and designated member of the Safe Sanctuary team that have login privileges to SafeHiring Solutions and will be kept confidential.